We are Vintage Stew, from the Levittown area of Bucks County, and enjoy putting our own spin on classic rock covers and producing our own originals.   Focused on Guitar and vocal harmonies is what carves out our vintage sound, and like to think we offer something for everyone’s taste. 

As a five-piece band, our instrumentation features three lead-rhythm guitars, bass guitar, and drums. We cover great hits from the mid-60’s to the early ’90s.  A LIST of some of the artist and songs that we cover.   In the past few years we have been developing our own original songs and going through the copyright processes.  Have a listen, and let us know what you think !

The band had started out after an acoustic duo project with Tom and Steve in the 90’s.   Where our roots came from classic rock, our influences and interests are diversified. The third staple that was added, was our drummer Fred, who came out of music retirement as a request form his grade school buddy, Tom.  The three of us have been the staple of the Band for the past 16+ years.  However, in 2019 Fred moved out of state…. and will be sorely missed.  Like most bands we have gone through some member changes, but have settled down with our latest additions of TBD,  Brian and Howie.

  • Brian      Vocals,  Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Harmonica
  • Fred       Drums and Percussion (We miss you)
  • Howie     Bass Guitar
  • Steve     Vocals,  Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Tom       Vocals,  Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Synth